1. Movement and Music is Fun!

Children love music and dancing. Exploring an extensive variety of music from a young age can improve your child’s life long appreciation of music, math and language skills. Dance education can improve coordination, strength and flexibility. A good Preschool Dance teacher can introduce your child to a world of music and movement that is fun and exciting.

2. Sharing with friends makes life better!

Your child will grow to love dancing with the friends in her class. Children enjoy getting to make their earliest friendships in dance, often visiting each other outside of class at a park, a home or a birthday party.

3. Our bodies can do so much!

Part of a good Preschool Dance curriculum includes awareness of body parts and the many things they can do. Can you touch your knee to your elbow? Can you float like a balloon? Can you stomp like a dinosaur? Turning, jumping, leaping, tiptoeing, freezing, rolling…

4. Following Directions will help us get along together!

Your child has learned to listen to you and the other grownups in his world. Introducing your child to a class experience will help him to prepare for Kindergarten and beyond.

5. I am important!

Your child will gain self esteem as she visits her class every week. Taking time out of your busy schedule to bring her to class, purchase her ballet shoes, and cheer her on as she practices her new moves in the living room tell your ballerina that she is important. If Grandparents or friends are able to come to her recital she will beam with pride. This may be the best gift of all!

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