(All camps fees $175 and from 9am to 12pm unless noted otherwise)

Date Class Times Age
June 17-21  Choreography Camp 1 9-12pm Grades 2-5
June 17-21 Choreography Camp 2 9-12pm Grades 6-12
June 24-28 Acro Intensive 9-12pm Grades 3-up
July 8-12 Dance on the Move 1 8:30-12:30pm Grades 2-5
July 8-12 Hip Hop Intensive 9-12pm Grades 6-12
July 15-19 Dance on the Move 2 8:30-12:30pm Grades 6-12
July 15-19 Hip Hop Intensive 9-12pm Grades 2-5
July 22-26 Princess Power 1 9-11am Ages 3-5
July 22-26 Princess Power 2 9-11am Grades K-2
July 29-Aug 2 Dance Intensive 1 9-12pm Grades 2-5
July 29-Aug 2 Dance Intensive 2 9-12pm Grades 6-12
Aug 5-9 Company Camp 1 9-12pm Minis/Juniors
Aug 12-16 Company Camp 2 9-12pm Seniors

*Camps offered through Community Ed

Summer Camp Prices

  • Acro Camp – $175 (only $150 before May 25)
  • Princess Power -$175 
  • Dance on the Move – $250 (only $225 before May 25)
  • Dance Intensive – $250 (only $225 before May 25)
  • Company Camp – $175
  • Choreography Camps $175 ($150 before May 25th)
  • Hip Hop Camps $175 ($150 before May 25th)

Early Bird Camp Price:

Register before May 25 and receive $25 off camp registrations!

(Does not apply to Princess Power or Company Camp)

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Camp Descriptions

Dance Intensive

This camp is for the serious dancer who is ready to get down to business!  New guest teachers and challenging, creative new choreography !  You won’t want to miss this exciting week.

Acro Camp

Dancers strengthen, stretch, tumble and create the morning away! This camp is open to acrobats of any level.

Princess Power

Your little princess will love this camp focusing on ballet, jazz, art, acro and creativity all while learning how to become the best kind of princess – the one they are!

Dance on the Move

Dancers will ride the van each day to discover new types of dance and meet professional dancers, choreographers and directors.

Company Camp

This camp is required for all company members to learn dances which they will be performing and competing through the year.

Summer Schedule 2019

June -August

$100 Per Class

Remember your Dress Code




Time Studio A Studio B
 1:00 pm Musical Theater 2 (grades 6-12th)
 2:00 pm Acro 3 (Teacher Recommendation)
 3:00 pm Ballet 2 (grades 3-5th) Jazz 3 (Teacher Recommendation)
 4:00 pm Prepointe (Teacher Recommendation) Cheerleading (grades 2-5th)
 5:00 pm Ballet 3 (Teacher Recommendation)
 6:00 pm Seniors (Teacher Recommendation)
 7:00 pm Seniors (Teacher Recommendation)



Time Studio A Studio B
 1:00 pm Juniors (Teacher Recommendation)
 2:00 pm Juniors (Teacher Recommendation)
 3:00 pm Cont 1 (grades 3-5th) Tap 3 (Teacher Recommendation)
 4:00 pm Musical Theater 1 (grades 2-5) Drill Team Prep (grades 6-12th)
 5:00 pm Teen Jazz  (grades 6-12th) AcroTech (Level 3 acro students)
 6:00 pm Teen Ballet (grades 6-12th)




Time Studio A Studio B
 1:00 pm Juniors (Teacher Recommendation)
 2:00 pm Juniors (Teacher Recommendation) Acro 1/2 B (grades 6-12)
 3:00 pm Turns/Progressions (grades 6-12th)
 4:00 pm Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 (grades K-2nd) Stretch and Strengthen (grades 6-12th)
 5:00 pm Pointe (Teacher Recommendation) Acro 1/2 A (grades K-5th)
6:00 pm Ballet 4



Time Studio A Studio B
 1:00 pm Teen Tap  (grades 6-12th)
 2:00 pm Teen Hip Hop (grades 6-12th) Tap 2 (grades 2-5th)
 3:00 pm Adv. Hip Hop (Teacher Recommendation) Jazz 2 (grades 3-5th)
 4:00 pm Adv Contemp (Teacher Recommendation)
 5:00 pm Seniors Teen Contemp (grades 6-12th)
 6:00 pm Seniors
 7:00 pm Jazz 4 (Teacher Recommendation)


Note: Fall Classes Start August 20